Thursday, April 28, 2011

Ploum Sofa for Ligne Rosét

If the Grand Prix of the Milano Triennal still existed, this year it would definately go to the Bouroullec brothers (they'ree the new Eames brothers!) for their Ploum sofa, made by Ligne Rosét.

In the words of one ove the brouvvas (who can tell them apart?!):

Erwan and I were aiming to design a sofa that would be particularly comfortable but different from anything else already on the market. "Ploum" has a very sensual feel to it. It is reminiscent of a ripe fruit, one that is almost too juicy to eat. (...) We have been interested in sponge for around 15 years now. In our opinion it is a material that is particularly associated with comfort. (...) "Ploum" has no edges, its backrest is high and its seat low. Everything about "Ploum" is designed in such a way that users can sit or lie comfortably in as many positions as possible on it - reading, sleeping or sitting opposite each other as a couple.


  1. Um, were the Eameses brothers?

  2. Old joke. They were, of course, a couple.

  3. It looks very functional mechanism of the seat. It must be a very handy seat.