Saturday, November 26, 2011

... Like this.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Good Fit

The villa below should have had some fitting furniture. Summin' like this hea:

Hans-Erik Johansson, Westberga.
Harry Bertoia, Knoll
Unknown, Swedish.
Fabricius/Kastholm, Nordisk solar.
Finn Juhl, Bovirke

And the floor should have been a carpeted, woven from jute or coconut or similar, like above, or here. "A rug on a rug?" you say? Perfeción, I say. With a Spanish accent.

Anymous Architecture: Villa by Kystvejen

There are alot of solid good houses, immaculate in materials and execution, that will never make it to the design and architecture literature. L'ESPRIT NOUVEAU exists to present these anonymous objects of design alongside their more famous dito. Below you'll find one of these works of architecture that have been forgotten or probably never acknwledged in the first place. The pictures (by Mikael Strange -nothing wrong with them) come from a run-of-the-mill interior magazine article that focuses more on the boring and semi-chic owner-couple and their uninspiring collection of white shite that clutters the beautiful structure that an architect named Ole Henriksen gave birth to just north of Copenhagen, sometime on the sixties. That house is of course the true star of the article, and it is a shame that not more focus is layed upon it - or what's left of it. No floorplan. And while the owner-couple makes alot of talk of staying true to the original spirit of the house - they always do - walls have aparetly been moved, floors replaced and *surprise, surprise* a new kitchen has been installed. The best thing about the interiors of the house is not surprisingly the part that is untouched by the new owners:

The entrance, an architectural space in it's own right as was often the case with these villas of the sixties. Greenlandish marble and oregon pine, and black metal fixtures. Ole Henriksen knew what he was doing, all right.



"King's Lighting" by Fog & Mørup. Oxidised brass. A Lamp stripped down to its bare essentials, infused with scandinavian poetry. Shown in the oak-filled apartement here.


In a souterrain-house in Skälderviken, Ängelholm.

from this house listing

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Designed by Arne Norell in 1966.