Saturday, September 4, 2010

Did you know...

- That canvas and cannabis have the same etymology? Canvas was originally only made out of hemp fibre.
- That the earliest paper scrolls were made out of hemp paper?
- That hemp, unlike cotton, can be grown almost anywhere on the planet?
- That hemp, unlike cotton, requires little or no pesticides?
- That hemp fibre with modern weaving techniques can be made into smooth, soft and thin fabrics?
- That hemp fabrics are both more breathing, and more insulating than cotton?
- That the growth of industrial hemp is either illegal or heavily regulated in most countries today?

Hemp has the possibility of becoming the new green super-crop. But in the meanwhile, we'll have to settle with products such as these overpriced (though very good-looking, and quite good-smelling) scented candles.

Guess what this song is about.


  1. Fakta som av "någon anledning" hålls under bordet....bommullsindustri, skogsindustri, bluffindustri, desindustri, etc. etc.

  2. Så sant. Men om nu kalifornien tar vettet till sig i november så kanske vi får se det första stora på en (långsam) förändring. Usa gör som kalifornien, och världen som usa...