Friday, July 16, 2010

Hooper House II

"Modern architecture is not a style, but a way of life."
-Marcel Breuer

This is the second house built by Marcel Breuer for art collector Edith Hooper and her husband Arthur. Located outside of Bodymore, Murdaland (Baltimore, Maryland for those of you who don't watch the Wire) Two materials have been used to build this house, basically: fieldstone, and glass. Can you come any closer to nature than this? In my native Skåne, nature looks very much like this, and ancient walls of stone (sometimes dating back to the bronze age!) mark properties of generations of farmers. Fieldstone are also often used on traditional farm houses and barns, the so called skånelänga, but I have yet to see a modern swedish house make interesting use of this very living material.

Anyway, this is what Marcel Breuer did with it in 1959. One of the reasons why I put him on top of my list of favourite architects. It is a typical bi-nuclear house, shaped like a rectangular O: one wing containing bedrooms and a playroom for the children, and an 'adult' wing with kitchen, dining room and a large livingroom - separated by a courtyard in the middle, with a view of a nearby lake.It also has an underground garage and storage.

Many original details survive, such as the built-in desk and the bathroom, which is all-original.

some pictures from dwell

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