Sunday, July 11, 2010

Graphic Designers' Home on Gotland

The island of Gotland might be the most beautiful place in Sweden (coming from a skåning that means alot!). The nature is unique, and for reasons unknown to me the climate there is always warmer than the rest of the country. The unspoilt nature of yellow meadows, low green bushy forests and rocky hills give you the sense of being in the bronze age. Tradiditional houses here are are either made of limestone or black tarred wood - the latter being the inspiration for famous graphic designer Henrik Nygren and his wife Susanna Nygren Barrett's (of bvd) cottage.

The black outer walls are contrasted by the very light interior with few exceptional pieces of modern design, such as the Braun Schneewittchensarg by Dieter Rams, Poul Kjaerholm PK-22 chairs and PK-61 table, a Ilmari Tapiovaara chair and a Bruno Mathsson chaise lounge wrapped in a Pia Wallén crux-blanket.

Ceramics Paprika by Anna-Lisa Thomson and Negro by Ingrid Atterberg.

A bit too much white with stark black contrasts for me (how old is this trend?), but what the hell...

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