Thursday, July 22, 2010

Brasilia: 50 Years, 50 Buildings

Oscar Niemeyer - National Congress (1958)

Icaro Castro Mello - Nilson Nelson Gymnasium

 Jose Galbinski - University restaurant/UnB

Oscar Niemeyer - National Theatre (1958)

Pedro Paulo de Melo Saraiva - Fazendaria School

Paulo Zimbres - UnB Rectory (1972-1975)

Oscar Niemeyer - University of Brasilia - Central Institute of Sciences (1960)

Oscar Niemeyer - Palace of Justice (1962)

Pedro Paulo de Melo Saraiva - Fazendaria School

Oscar Niemeyer - National Supreme Court (1958)

Claudio Jose Pinheiro Villar de Queiroz - UnB-Anisio Teixeira and Joao Calmon Pavilions

Oscar Niemeyer - Metropolitan Cathedral (1959)

Oscar Niemeyer - Planalto Palace (1958)

Paulo Mendes da Rocha - Roberto Simonsen Building

Oscar Niemeyer - Alvorada Palace (1957)

As you can see, Brasília has some of the best architecture in the world. But, as any fool will tell you, that doesn't make it into the best city in the world.

Oh, the mysteries of urban planning.
most pictures from Wallpaper

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