Friday, May 21, 2010

Square One

This blog takes it name from Le Corbusier's pavillion for the 1925 Paris Exhibition, as well as the arts magazine published by him and painter Amadee Ozenfant. Hubris, you may say, to compare myself to such a master. Well... :) My intention is just to display in my opinion the best of modernist interiors and furniture. I have collected pictures that I've found over the net for a couple of years now and for more or less egotistical reasons I want to archive them into themes of inspiration that I hope you the reader will appreciate as much as I have - and am. Which brings us to another point:

Most of the pictures that will be posted here are not mine. Due to me having just saved them to my hardrive I have not noted where they are from, and should the rightfull owners step forward, or want them removed, I will be more than happy to add names or cater to any oher need.

Thank you for reading.

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