Saturday, May 22, 2010

Lange Production (L) Funkis

Lange Production goes the opposite way by shooting their promotional photos in what looks to be a beautiful apartment/villa in  typical Scandinavian "Funkis" (functionalist) style, which obviously goes very well with Preben Fabricius and Joergen Kastholm's furniture. This looks alot more like my apartment, though I would really like to have my windowframes in wood like in these photos. Mine are unfortunately painted white.

Three things:

*That is a beautiful glass vase in the first picture (where's it from?), and

*The candleholder in the third picture is a design by Danish funtionalist architect Mogens Lassen named "Kubus". It must be a vintage piece, because the newly produced ones from by Lassen uunfortunately only come in black or white.

*My grandfather, who owned a stone quarry, would replace the stone on the window panes in his office with granit of his choice. Looks like the same thing has been done here. I also question the originality of the stone on the fireplace. Beautifully done, anyway.

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