Saturday, May 22, 2010

Photographer Jonas Ingerstedt...

...Has a great funkis apartment, shown in Hus & Hem. Lots of art, animal hides and Kjaerholm furniture - great combo if you ask me. I like the way he has used one certain Kjaerholm sidetable several times, in a way that it becomes almost an architectural detail.

Kelim carpets, with their graphic geometrical patterns, go very well with modern interiors. Paintings by Håkan Bengtsson and Håkan Rehnberg, table by Poul Kjaerholm, ceramics by Gunnar Nylund.

 Photo by Blaise Reuterswärd, lamp "Totoi" by Achille Castiglione, pillows from Svensk Tenn on original Poul Kjaerholm "PK 25" from E. Kold Christensen!

Table, stools and black chairs by Kjaerholm, "Fun" lamp by Verner Panton, sofa by Boerge Mogensen, "Flagline" chair by Hans J. Wegner and Vitsoe 606 shelf system by Dieter Rams.

If I am missing something in this most beautiful home, then it is the warmth of an exotic wood such as teak or rosewood. Aparently some of the woodwork was in original mahogany finish, but painted grey by the owner. Sacrilige!

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