Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Kronish House by Richard Neutra is Safe

... The last remaining Richard Neutra house in Beverly Hills - The Kronish House - was about to be razed to the ground. Why? Because the former owner, Soda Partners, having themselves aquired the property in January at a foreclosure for $ 5.8 million, were having problems flipping it for an even 14 mil. They then reasoned that selling the 2-acre lot (about 8,000 sq. metres) WITHOUT the house would be easier. Luckily, with the help of a campaign to buy the house started by Neutra's son (and co-architect of he Kronish House) Dion Neutra, the house was sold to a private citizen with an intent to preserve.

About the house
The 650 square metre large single-story house is outfitted wih six bedrooms, and is one of the largest and most lavishly decorated Neutra ever built, with marble fireplaces and hardwood walls. It was built in 1955 for real estate developer Herbert Kronsih and his wife. The house and it's garden is said to be "extremely quiet". And if you would have bought the house, you would have gotten Madonna as your neighbour. If that's plus or not, I'll leave unsaid.

pictures from here.

more pictures of its current state here.


  1. Vilket hus och vilket stort hus! Att bo där måste vara som att leva i en dröm. Verkligheten lär väl knappast göra sig påmind. Absurt att man ens kan komma på tanken att riva en sådan villa.

  2. Iofs är det lite myckert porrfilm för min smak över stället men, ja, varför inte?