Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A House by Bertel Udsen

On the Danish golden coast overlooking Öresund you will find one beutiful modernist house after the next. Particularly Rungsted seems o have many of these post-war houses, of the kind one rarely sees in Sweden - if ever. Why that is I haven't figured out. Fuel for thought on why Denmark is superior to Sweden in almost every sense, anyway.

This may not be the mos radical or interesting of these houses, but i's pretty nice alright. Though I do feel that the new kitchen island - although quite beautiful and well made, seems rather unfunctional. I am no one for mixing living rooms and kitchens either (unless your name is Seinfeld).

Notice that the end walls are lined with wood paneling on the outside as well as on the inside. The woodwork - including the new kitchen - seems to be oregon pine, if I'm not mistaken.

The house was built in 1966 by architect Bertel Udsen. More on him another time.

Buy it now at Mette Lykken Bolig


  1. Utsökta fönsterband (här behöver man inte ens gå ut) och materialkombinationer....
    Snickerierna på insidan är LYX...!
    Här skulle jag kunna tänka mig att bo...(om någon annan målade fönsterna)!

    Julio A.

  2. Väldigt fint "standardhem". Man borde sälja det på arkitekthus eller nån sån prefab-firma.