Thursday, July 28, 2011

Let's Drive Through Copenhagen!

...and take pictures!

Henning Larsen's Ferring centre, 1998-2002, with aditions being built now.

 Yes, that's a beer can he's holding.

Facory complexes are beautiful, aren't they?

 This hotel caught my eye because of the quite beautiful brickwork on it's side. Interesting 'take' on curtain wall construction for the 21st century.
"Den Sorte Diamant" - "the Black Diamond", Schmidt Hammer Lassen, 1999

Next to it was this really interesting building:

That's a greenish marble, anddetails of copper. Awesome.

 Good architecture.
 Danmarks Nationalbank and the architectural pride of Copenhagen. Arne Jacobsen, 1961-78

 Nice bridge and...

 ...the Foreign Ministry, by Halldor Gunnløgsson, 1977-80

 Functionalised building.

 Great funkis.
More great funkis at Englandsvej/Peder Lykkes Vej, Amager.
And great attic-apartments!


  1. Fantastiska bilder! Fantastiska byggnader!

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  3. Det finns i min mening otroligt mycket mer godis för den arkitekturintresserade i danmark än i sverige.

  4. Kopparhuset och Foreign Ministry! Väldigt fina byggnader. Ja, de övriga också för den delen.