Tuesday, August 24, 2010


In both these pictures one also sees a skyscraper by Backström & Reinius, Hötorgsskrapan nummer 5, back when the facade still had a brownish hue.

Åhléns City (1964), Klarabergsvägen, Stockholm, by Sven Backström & Leif Reinius. Winner of the Kasper Salin prize 1966. 9 floors. 130 metres long, 40 metres wide. Buildt with the largest and most advanced climate control system in Sweden at the time. The influences from USA are obvious - the long wall is without windows. The ceilings are high, and the well lit "hangar"-spaces are made for effective shopping.
No advertisement was deemed needed on the facade - the building would be striking enough.

As would the plastic bags.

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