Wednesday, June 2, 2010

White Bricks I

This couple fell for a falling building, aquired it for land value, and proceeded with the original architects help “restoring it exactly like it was built.” When asked why, he looks nonplussed. “Why would we change something when 50-plus years later it functions beautifully and is part of the architect’s vision? We don’t want the house to look like every other house,” he says, “because it never did.”

“It’s probably a little nutty,” Mandolene admits, reflecting on their insistence on pure preservation (about 75% was salvaged). And yet, he adds, “people think that this style of architecture doesn’t deserve to be landmarked because it’s not old enough, but it is part of architectural history, and it’s slowly disappearing.

1957, Arthur Witthoefft

As one of the comments say "a man and his young son walked by (presumably from a neighboring McMansion). Someone overheard the father say to the son, "Some people like this kind of stuff."

from dwell